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Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blanket (Lap)

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Our weighted lap blankets are the perfect portable solution. Great for the car, taking to school or just for people who need it when sitting in a chair for a comforting aid. Comes in 3 sizes and also a choice of different colours. All our filled with our glass beads so they are less bulky [...]


Weighted Blankets

Weighted Buddy

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What happens when you combine a weighted lap blanket with a snake? You end up with this cute little weighted buddy. Designed to sit on your lap, wrap around your shoulders or take it on the go in its small calico carry bag with pull ties. The special launch price of only $69 including FREE Shipping, save $30. Don't delay as we will only run this offer for a limited time.

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These are new to our range and provide a sensory mink touch one side with our cotton plain the other side. This gives a great tactile experience as you can feel the bumps and smooth mink fabric as you rub your hands across this blanket and since we are using the plain cotton fabric the [...]

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A lot of children with autism or special needs find it hard to express their feelings or may even suffer from being non-verbal. Sometimes simple things like “I’m feeling angry or I’m feeling hot” may be hard for a child to explain and add to the stress of the situation. With our weighted blankets not [...]

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Our weighted blanket insert is great for those who just want to use their own quilt cover. This also has a huge cost saving advantage and a popular favorite with our customers. Great for kids who may have issues dealing with change or cannot separate from using their own quilt cover. Or even better you [...]

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Our budget weighted blankets are designed to fit on the top of a bed and are made of 100% Cotton which is better suited to the warmer Australian environment. (Scroll down for our handy calculator to work out your ideal weight)