Calming Moments is an Australian family run business. We started making blankets after discovering how expensive they were when we wanted to try one out for our son. After spending most of the day to make one we thought there must be a better way. So after many different tests making it different ways, we finally found the perfect fill for the blankets and the right equipment to manufacturer them quicker but without sacrificing the quality. We have been told by numerous happy customers how thrilled they are with the high-quality finish and have many success stories of happy children and occupational therapists.

Started back in March 2013 we have grown to be able to provide affordable weighted blankets all over Australia. We also employ local staff and use Australian sourced and made materials where possible.

Our customers range from parents, schools, hospitals, and even Occupation Therapists.

Did we also mention a portion of all our sales gets donated every month to the Autism Association of WA.